This new website is dedicated to, and made possible by Sheila Smith, who died unexpectedly September 28th, 2007, leaving me to finish what we started. It is my honor to publish all the songs we never got recorded, all the video few have seen, and relate some of our adventures. This is a tribute to Sheila.

I have been cataloging, downloading and organizing audio, video, and photos from 38 years together. Friends have often told me that I should write all my stories down, and I have always replied that I am too involved in the present to sit down and pen my memoirs. Well, this is my opportunity. Sheila has given me everything and continues giving every day. It is my great fortune to have Oscar Velasco helping me make this site a reality. My heart has been broken open and Sheila is there in the Loveflame, the Indigo Flame.

For my sweet lover,

Appa (Paul Smith)